5 worst travel traits

Travelling is a life changing experience, it will leave you with astounding views and beautiful memories. Sometimes, however, certain traits in travellers can make your journey a state of purgatory.

Here are the five worst travel traits that exist among all mankind.

Excessive planning

Planning is an integral part of travelling but add one extra dose of it and it can be suffocating. Whether its you who cannot and will not move out of the house without an A-Z list of things you have to do or it is your travel companion who has to control every part of your journey and leaves no scope for the journey to actually begin, this habit needs to be controlled pronto.

monica(Image source: LoiterToiter)


No one likes to lug luggage from one stop to another and it is How to Travel Right 101 to always pack light. Every time you get down to packing, ask yourself if you need those extra pair of shoes or that crop top when you are heading up the Himalayas.

packinng(Image source: bustle.com)


Don’t make it your sole objective to get a new profile picture by the end of your journey. The number of good photos you get is not directly proportional to how good your experience was. Take a deep breath, sit down, put the selfie stick aside and open your eyes.

neddy1(Image source: imagechef.com)

Extravagant Demands

Think about it, do you really need ten cushions and one towel duckling on the bed for it to be your dream vacation? Demanding luxury every time you travel is bound to irritate your travel buddies who have a set budget. Maybe, just maybe, you will do completely fine without an AC, if only you remember to open the windows.

(Image source: urbanmountaingoat.com)


I don’t mean to sound like a loner but sometimes all I need while travelling are hours of silence and most of my travel mates would agree with me on this. Unnecessary conversations breaking into my thought bubble are never welcome, especially when they lead to a TMI overdose.

yoda meme(Image source: imagechef.com)


There, it is easier for you to now screen your friends based on the above traits for your next journey and if you feel like you fall in one of these categories… then, um, awkwaaaard.


(Featured image source: MisterWeekender.com)



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