Characters who’d not make good travel buddies

We all love TV shows and often get so involved that they take up a huge chunk of our world. Just the other day I was watching the much adored Friends – TOW Ross gets married and I realised Monica would be really difficult to travel with,with all her controlling nature and demand for perfection. Like every other thing in life, this random thought led to a chain of events that leads to this post.

Here are some of our favourite characters that would be a nightmare on vacations.

Hodor from Game of Thrones

Hodor has to be the sweetest character ever. Big, burly, quite. And though he is a great travel partner for Bran, can you imagine sitting beneath a starlit sky, uttering words that you never knew existed in your vocabulary and getting “Hodor” as your reply?

hodor(Image source:

Fez from That 70s Show

I have always loved Fez and his, well, quirky self but travelling with him and trying to avoid his rather obvious flirting tactics would be a task I would not be up for.

fez(Image source:

Sadie Saxton from Awkward

Okay, yes. I watch Awkward. Moving on.
Sadie Saxton is not anyone’s favourite character. The only reason I enjoy her, sometimes, is because I am scared of her. Precisely why travelling with her would be a big no-no.

awkward(Image source:

Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. Sheldon Cooper is the most annoying character I have ever known. Annoying yet bearable. I can totally hear him knocking on the tent entrance going “Penny, Penny, Penny…”
I guess the only time he’d be happy would be if on a train journey. And even then, not if we’re talking about Indian Railways.

Sheldon-Cooper-Train(Image source:

Hayley Dunphy from Modern Family

The eldest Dunphy would be one of those selfie-clicking, phone-obsessed teenagers who’d freak out if there was no mobile network. I’d rather watch her insulting Alex on the show rather than be Alex for her in real life. Also, it would be annoying to have her look better in photographs.

Hayley(Image Source:


While it might be a little weird that I think about travelling with fictional characters, I hope this post makes it easier for you to figure out who your next travel partner should be.

If not then check out my previous post here, it talks about the worst travel traits.


(Featured image source: LoiterToiter)


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