Are We There Yet?

You know how everyone all your life – songs, books, parents, friends – have always told you that the journey is more important than the destination?

Well, after my first solo super long journey (read 37 hours), I can tell you that it is really not all that true.

As I sat on my third airport – exhausted, sleep deprived and in desperate need of a proper washroom, I wondered if ‘the journey’ actually lives up to all the hype it’s gotten.

I mean, sure, I started reading all the books whose gaze I had been avoiding as I sloppily got ready for work every morning and even got to work on some other life skills – for example, hand lettering.

Pretty neat, huh?

But that’s not the point of my wonderings – the point is if a journey is more important than the destination, why doesn’t it exist as an individual entity? Why don’t we have destination less journeys?

And, no, don’t tell me you do because even if you’ve been trotting the globe with no tangible place to reach, you still have an aim in mind – relaxation, leisure, peace of mind, peace for the world – whatever it is, you aim to get something out of a journey and that something is your destination.

Saying that the journey is more important is basically us trying to make ourselves feel better about the hardships we have to go through along the way. Stop doing that and you will see journeys as what they are – the annoying foreplay where your partner ends up dozing off, as you stare up at the ceiling and question if it’s even worth it anymore – quite pointless and unsatisfactory.

Journeys are not important. They are made worthwhile because of the destination. It’s when I opened my eyes to this after those airport nights that I heaved my first sigh of relief, because thanks to the journey, I had reached somewhere… Here.

The Milford Track in Te Anau, New Zealand

But, to be honest, that’s the only thing I will thank the journey for.

P.S.- If you don’t agree with me, that’s cool. But think about the world of Harry Potter, they had apparition, which meant no long journeys ever and they were pretty happy, weren’t they?


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